What time does This Is Us Season 6 return? episode 16

NBC's This Is Us Season 6 episode 16 premieres this Tuesday

There are only three episodes left of NBC's most popular drama.

Episode 16 of This Is Us Season 6 will concentrate on the consequences of Miguel's death

Kevin, Kate, and Randall are dealing with their own issues with Rebecca's mother.

Kevin, Kate, and Randall will get together to talk about Rebecca's future and make a choice.

Rebecca gathered her children and Miguel for a family gathering of her own.

Randall on Season 6 Episode 16 will be no exception.

If Miguel was not present, Kate would take his place.

Kate is the one who makes the final decision on Rebecca's care.

"My mother was a wizard." We must repay her for what she has done...

Kate receives much-needed reassurance from her ex-boyfriend.