The Stranger Things Season 4 Soundtrack Is Wall-to-wall Bangers -

The Stranger Things season 4 soundtrack is wall-to-wall bangers

Stranger Things has been introducing Gen-Z to 1980s bangers since 2016,

After a three-year hiatus, the kids with the dodgy haircuts are back to experience further torment in Hawkins, Indiana.

The show has had tons of memorable music moments across its run

David Harbour's Jim Hopper hokily Dad-dancing to Jim Croce's

David Bowie's "Heroes" in season two to "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" in season three

Netflix and the Duffer Brothers have pulled out all the stops,

This time around, the show is reportedly spending $30 million on each episode.

A large chunk of which, it seems, has gone toward licensing music frum huge artists like the Talking Heads,

“Running Up That Hill” is definitely the most memorable entry to the Stranger Things season 4 soundtrack,

Regardless, it's great to see one of the greatest songs ever written (really) get some airtime on one of the world's most popular shows.