Song Ji Hyo To Make Special Appearance In “Sh**Ting Stars” -

Song Ji Hyo To Make Special Appearance In “Sh**ting Stars” As A Top Actress

the people who work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry cleaning up the messes created by the stars

To make them sparkle like stars in the sky through effort and tears

The romantic comedy stars Lee Sung Kyung as Oh Han Byul

the head of the PR team at an entertainment agency, and Kim Young Dae, as flawless top star Gong Tae Sung.

Before the premiere, the drama has been boasting an impressive lineup of actors who will be making special appearances

Some actors who have appeared so far are Choi Ji Woo, Park Jung Min, and Chae Jong Hyeop,

It's time for Song Ji Hyo to shine! Song On the drama "The Witch's Diner," Ji Hyo previously collaborated with director Lee Soo Hyun.

In episode 7 of “Sh**ting Stars,” Song Ji Hyo will transform into the popular actress Song Ji Hee.

The newly released stills capture Song Ji Hee’s meeting with Jo Gi Bbeum (Girl’s Day’s Sojin).

Song Ji Hee exudes an aura like no other, but her unexpected behavior in front of the reporter makes jaws drop

Fans are eager to see Song Ji Hyo’s performance in the drama as well as her chemistry with Soljin.