'RHONJ': Margaret Josephs claims mistresses are 'real victims' of cheating, fans say 'girl, bye'

Margaret is working hard to bring about 'Justice for Mistresses' #RHONJ,' joked an admirer.

season 12 reunion was a glorious yet chaotic mess with angry storm-offs,

While there were several jaw-dropping moments peppered throughout the reunion,

Margaret Josephs made the bold argument that in a cheating relationship, the mistresses are the "true victims."

the woman her husband Bill Aydin had an affair with fired from the company

the woman with whom her husband Bill Aydin had an affair was dismissed

the mistresses pay the price and bear the brunt of cheating

Fans were perplexed as they witnessed Marge attempt to paint mistresses as the victims.

'RHONJ' fans slam Margaret for saying 'kids are resilient' after revealing Bill Aydin's affair

"ACTUALLY the REAL victim here is the lady who had sex with Jen's husband knowing he was married," Margaret tries to say.

we’re supposed to feel bad for the other woman Marge? Girl bye