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“Ralph's behavior is alarming”: RHOA fans slam Ralph for gaslighting Drew Sidora after she questions him about assistant

Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) fans have slammed Ralph Pittman for gaslighting Drew Sidora, calling out his "alarming" behaviour after she found a suspicious text message on his phone from his assistant.

The assistant offered Ralph Pittman a back massage.

Upon being confronted, he stated that the massage was for his back pain and nothing else.

However, the reason was not convincing enough for Drew Sidora and the other ladies on the show.

Fans even found the excuse hard to digest and blamed him for manipulating his wife.

On the premiere episode of RHOA, trouble started brewing between Ralph Pittman and his wife Drew Sidora after the Step Up actress found a message on his husband’s phone from his new assistant asking if he wanted a massage from her.

Upon being confronted, he simply said the massage was for his back pain, but Sidora and her female pals were unconvinced by his answer.

He later gave vague explanations, making things worse between them.

Looking at Pittman’s nature and attitude towards the whole situation, fans are slamming him for gaslighting his wife.

Many viewers of the show took to Twitter, saying that his “behavior is alarming” while some said that he is a “horrible husband” and Sidora deserves someone much better.