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'Prehistoric Planet,' a Stunning New Series, Depicts Dinosaurs Like Never Before

Drawing from science that connects modern birds and ancient dinosaurs,

The David Attenborough-narrated Apple TV+ show was influenced by avian biology and behavior at every step

A bull Tyrannosaurus sculls across the shallow warm waters of an inland sea, a gang of fluffy chicks in tow.

His chin wavering with the effort of keeping his head above water

Some months previously, the bull courted a female who wandered into his territory,

he’s got babies to care for as he leads them across dangerous waters in search of new opportunities.

An astonishing new five-part documentary miniseries airing this week on Apple TV+

Hosted by David Attenborough and filmed by members of the acclaimed BBC Studios Natural History Unit,

The show offers a wide-ranging tour of the earth's landscape 66 million years ago,

the baking deserts of Central Asia and South America, and the flooded islands of Europe.

The Tyrannosaurus scene, rendered in remarkably crisp and convincing CGI,