Peter Doocy Calls Psaki’s WH Exit ‘the End Of An Era’ - Peter Doocy Calls Psaki’s WH Exit ‘the End Of An Era’ -

Peter Doocy calls Psaki’s WH exit ‘the end of an era’

Peter Doocy called press secretary Jen Psaki’s exit from the White House “the end of an era” on Friday

Doocy credited her for making him a better reporter after the show played a montage

It isn't just me who is inquiring. She would respond by asking me questions.

When I would go in there with something that was not part of the White House talking point for the day

'Who was saying that about us?' she would always inquire. or "Where did you acquire that from?"

“And so I always had to have it ready right away, and I think that all that extra homework that I knew.

I challenged her she would challenge me right back

Doocy and Psaki were notorious for their back-and-forth in the briefing room, where Doocy grilled the administration on a variety of topics.

sometimes eliciting quipps from the White House press secretary.

Doocy credited Psaki for always calling on Fox News correspondents

"End of an era in the Brady briefing room!" said Doocy, who also tweeted a photo of the two of them together on Twitter.