New Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer Breakdown – Gorr, Zeus, Jane.. -

New Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Breakdown – Gorr, Zeus, Jane, and More!

The first Thor: Love and Thunder trailer was all good vibes, man. Bright colors.

The promise of the continuing redemption arc of the God of Thunder.

An amazing instrumental version of Guns n’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

it has bright colors, that director’s humor (and voice), the aforementioned redemption arc, that killer GnR tune again.

The long-awaited introduction (and official first look at) Christian Bale as the film’s big villain, Gorr the God-Butcher.

Love and Thunder trailer, there are still a few things that are worth discussing.

Now, in the comics, Gorr is every bit as intense as that impossibly metal name makes him sound.

Gorr is a being whose prayers were never answered, who lived a miserable, hard life

he decided to take a, shall we say, proactive approach to getting the gods’ attention.

It’s got the even more impossibly metal name of All-Black the Necrosword.

I’m not going to explain its history here because it will give me and everyone else a migraine