National Tea Day: Fes-TEA-val of Britain's beloved hot beverage

Tea lovers out there, this one's for you!

National Tea Day is celebrated for future generations of tea drinkers to understand and appreciate tea.

A tea-connoisseur named Marco decided to celebrate a day dedicated to tea and he initiated it on April 21, 2016.

The day was thus founded in 2016, and the date of April 21 was chosen to unite everyone and also honor Queen Elizabeth's birthday!

Origin of tea The location for the origin of tea is surprisingly precise--Latitude 29N and Longitude 98E, the place where present-day northeast India, Thailand and China meet. One Emperor in China ordered everyone to boil water before drinking it. One day when he was drinking a cup of boiled water, leaves from a nearby tree fell into the cup making the first tea.

Well, if you are in the United Kingdom, you'd know all about the discounts and happy hours there.

There are online tea stores that have a huge variety of flavors and blends to offer to patrons.

You can host a tea party at home, and give your guests an ultimate afternoon tea experience.

You can also have a tea room set up at your place and ask everyone to dress up for the fine occasion, and feel British!

Transform this kind of gathering into a charity fundraiser event, and donate the money thus collected to a charitable organization you support.

People drink their choice of tea on April 21.Collectively they consume over 60 billion cups a year!