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Mia Yim questioned whether she wanted to keep wrestling after WWE made her ‘a joke’

Mia Yim had a successful two-year career in NXT, with appearances on shows with Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae.

She got to appear in the Royal Rumble during that time, and seemed poised for solid WWE career.

When Yim was called to the pandemic's main roster, he was ecstatic.

she got to do on Raw was fake convulsions during the group’s feud with The Hurt Business.

She was rumored to be repackaged after the group finally broke up,

33 year old said Gail Kim had to sell her on returning to the ring after the way her time with WWE ended

the time between being cut and wrestling again at Wrestlecon on WrestleMania 38 weekend?

if I were to go to Impact under Gail’s leadership everything is gonna be fine.

I don’t want people to remember me for what I’ve done in the past year or two.

A lot was going on in my mind. It’s hard to pinpoint one or two specific things.

The toxicity of social media and with what I did the last time like I was a joke, I was a joke, so it was like do I even bother?