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Jay Park showers praises and love for BTS’ Jungkook in the heartwarming Instagram post

On April 19, Jay Park took to Instagram to praise BTS’ Jungkook for his personality and skills.

We smell a collaboration coming soon! Jay Park posed with BTS’ maknae for a cute selfie with the caption “after i met JK i can definitely see why they get so much love. Humble, ambitious and talented!”

Seeing two talented individuals coming together has our hearts racing, hoping for a new collaborative track! Jay Park is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer and entrepreneur of Korean descent.

He is a member of the Seattle-based b-boy crew Art of Movement (AOM), and founder and former CEO of the independent hip hop record labels AOMG and H1ghr Music, as well as the founder of the record label More Vision.

Jay Park initially rose to fame as the leader of South Korean boy band 2PM, formed by record label JYP Entertainment in 2008, after having previously been a trainee for four years.

He had to leave the group and the country due to a scandal in 2009 but soon returned to South Korea in 2010.

Rebranding and re-debuting as both a solo singer and a rapper, Jay Park’s musical identity would lend to him partaking in the underground hip hop culture in South Korea, a rarity for both active and former K-Pop idols.

He recently released the popular track ‘GANADARA’ featuring IU. It was released on March 11, 2022

Jungkook also took to Instagram story to repost the post from Jay Park.

Jungkook has also shown great progress in his solo work like the latest track ‘Stay Alive’, the soundtrack for BTS’ webtoon on Naver, ‘7Fates Chakho’.

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