‘It's a Bloodbath’: The Crypto Crash Is Real

Volatility is the bread and butter of the cryptocurrency market

But it's in disarray these days, thanks to Bitcoin.

the largest cryptocurrency that the rest of crypto market tends to tailgate

Because it is so closely linked to the stock market, it keeps falling.

Terra-Luna, a long-feared crypto timebomb, has now burst.

"Crypto is gone," wrote Ross Clark in The Spectator, a British conservative publication.

It happens in every crash, crypto investors–retail and institutional–coped with memes

Michael Saylor, whose company MicroStrategy is one of the largest holders of bitcoin

uploaded a photo of himself working at McDonald's on Instagram.

However, the atmosphere is far from festive—many investors have been stunned by the unexpected drop.

The recent market crash is neither an unexpected turn of events nor a catastrophic end