Theory References WWE Raw Match That Did Not Happen -

Theory References WWE Raw Match That Did Not Happen

Mustafa Ali has inserted himself into a storyline with current United States Champion Theory which,

Not only did Ali get decimated by Veer Mahaan on last week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw

Ali was scheduled to have a match on this week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw” that flat-out didn’t happen

Right now we’ve got this guy named Mustafa Ali that for some reason thinks he deserves a shot at my United States Championship

The fighting champion that I am and the hard work that I’ve put in to become the United States Champion,

If he wants to prove that he’s championship material,

I think tonight is an opportunity for him to face me for the United States Championship if he can win his match tonight.

WWE’s next premiere live event taking place in less than two weeks, the match would have to be on next week’s go-home show

it’s unlikely that a United States Championship match is planned for Hell In A Cell

The most recent defense coming eight months ago at Extreme Rules 2021,

The US title doesn’t seem to be at the top of WWE’s current list of priorities.