Cm Punk Reflects On His ‘Wasted’ Time In Wwe -

CM Punk Reflects On His ‘Wasted’ Time In WWE

All Elite Wrestling star CM Punk has never hidden his disdain for his time in WWE

Even mocked WWE's decision by posting a joke on Instagram recently.

Money in the Bank will be moved from Allegiant Stadium to the MGM Grand Garden Arena, which is a smaller venue.

There are many reasons behind Punk’s attitude toward his former employer,

He expressed his feelings regarding his WWE run – and how different his time in AEW has been.

Punk expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, saying, "I feel like it was kind of wasted."

This is what pro wrestling should and should be, in my opinion.

I’m not worried about sh*t that happened yesterday.

I'm living in the now and I'm at the top of my game, the best I've ever been.

Punk was a WWE wrestler from 2005 until 2014, when he left the business after the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Despite this, he was rarely portrayed as the promotion's face or its main celebrity.