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‘Better Call Saul’ Recap: Kim Reverts to a Life of Crime

A flashback reveals Kim Wexler hasn’t always been so innocent

Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, left, and Christopher Kelly as Kim's client.

A review of this week’s Better Call Saul, “Axe and Grind,” just as soon as we sidebar in the law library…

This is a question I asked regarding the last Saul episode to feature young Kim (still played by Katie Beth Hall

 “Wexler V. Goodman,” opened with young Kim walking away from her drunken mother rather than getting into a car with her.

It closed with Kim explaining in great detail why she had every good reason to break up with Jimmy,

the last moment that perhaps they should get married instead.

It was Kim’s weakness for hustlers and damaged people winning out over her understanding of what is good,

We are back in Nebraska, only this time Kim is the one in trouble, rather than her mom.

She has been caught shoplifting a pair of earrings from Svensen’s department store.

It is a leap from Kim’s mom hustling the store manager to Kim doing the same to Lalo Salamanca