All You Need To Know About BTS’ New Anthology Album Proof - All You Need To Know About BTS’ New Anthology Album Proof -

All you need to know about BTS’ new anthology album Proof

BTS will be making their comeback with the anthology album Proof. The album will include three new tracks, including Yet To Come

BTS announced their comeback on June 10, at the Las Vegas concert held in April this year

The group will be releasing an anthology album, Proof, with three new tracks.

The poster for the same was dropped by Big Hit Music recently, leading to a Twitter frenzy.

The agency released the track list for CD 1 and 2 on May 8 and 9, which is enough to make any BTS fan anxious.

The CD 1 track list showed the first song in the track list to be ‘Born Singer’

Born Singer was first released in 2013 but was only officially availed on YouTube and SoundCloud.

The song was unavailable on any commercial platform, but now with the anthology album,

he track was not available on streaming platforms because it included a sample from J.Cole’s song Born Sinner

Aside from Born Singer, there are 18 other songs on the album, including No More Dream, N.O, Boy in Luv, and Danger.

After ceaselessly sprinting forward since 2013, BTS is celebrating their 9th anniversary this coming June