Adam Cole: “Christian Being A Wrestling Genius Is True”

The Undisputed Elite member opened up about Cody Rhodes’ departure from All Elite Wrestling in February 2022

Cody had to do what was best for him, according to Adam Cole.

The American Nightmare returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38

Because Cody was one of the founding members of AEW in many ways, it startled a lot of people.

I believe it was the first major match between AEW and WWE.

We have a squad full of extremely talented players.

Cody should do what is best for him and brings him joy.

I'd like to believe the same thing could be said about myself, or that we could say the same thing about anyone else.

The veterans in the AEW locker room, according to Adam Cole, are entirely accessible to the younger talent.

Following their one-on-one match at Dynamite on April 6, he feels Christian is a wrestling genius.

It was my fourteenth year of wrestling, which I thought was really cool.