15 Best Hugh Jackman Movies, Ranked

There animated films that attempted to merge adult and child humour. "Flushed Away" attempted to achieve this, but failed to strike the appropriate note.

The epic period musical "Les Misérables" is one of the most beloved stage shows of all time.

The 2012 animated film "Rise of the Guardians" is one of the most underrated holiday films of the past decade

The "X-Men" prequel somehow made Wolverine's origin story feel dull and unemotional.

 the film gradually became a sensation, as musical fans celebrated the incredible soundtrack.

The 2021 science-fiction noir mystery "Reminiscence" is a much better film than its reputation suggests.

The 2016 biographical film "Eddie the Eagle" is an endearing yet formulaic inspirational sports story.

While Hugh Jackman first appeared as Logan/Wolverine in the original 2000 film "X-Men,"

unfortunately, many people missed out on one of Jackman's best performances to date

"Days of Future Past" featured a time-travel storyline, which allowed both casts to appear

Christopher Nolan's 2006 film "The Prestige" is all about the art of deception.