Digwadih Ganesh Mela-2022

Digwadih Ganesh Mela-2022: Ganesh mela is held in the month of August- September every year at Ganesh Puja maidan, Digwadih.

This year also the Ganesh mela is being organized at Ganesh Puja maidan.

Dates of Digwadih Ganesh Mela-2022

31st August 2022 to 19 September 2022

Timing of Digwadih Ganesh Mela-2022

11 AM to 11 PM

Location of Digwadih Ganesh Mela:

Digwadih number 10

History of Ganesh Puja in Jharia

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The city of Black diamond has been celebrating the Ganesh puja for 112 years non stop. This Ganesh puja celebration was put on hold for last 2 years due to corona. But now again this year, the Ganesh puja is being celebrated with full enthusiasm. This Ganesh puja is very popular by the name of jharia Ganesh puja mahotsav . Ganesh puja in jharia was started by two brothers keshu Shaw and Jagannath shaw in the year 1910 near Lal bazar Ganesh chowk in jhariya. And even today Ganesh puja is done at this place by Sanjay Kesari, Munna Kesari and their family. They are the descendants of Keshav Shaw and Jagannath shaw.

History of Ganesh puja in Digwadih Ganesh maidan

The very famous annual Ganesh puja mahotsav of Dhanbad is being organised in the digawadi Ganesh Mela maidan. It is the 34th annual Ganesh puja mahotsav. A very huge Ganesh pandal has been made. This pandal has been made by very famous artists of Bengal- chintano panda and his team.

There is a very old story related to the Ganesh mahotsav at this place. The folk story goes like this that- About three decades ago, at this Ganesh Mela maidan, Panama circus had come and due to some reason one elephant died during the circus event.

So the people performed his last rites at this Ganesh Mela maidan and buried him it at this place itself. And on the very next day, Mukesh Agarwal a resident of the Digwadih Bazaar saw a dream of performing Ganesh puja there. So Mukesh placed a photo of the deceased elephant and started the Ganesh puja.

After this event every year Ganesh puja is being performed at this ground and improving year by year. And this year it is being celebrated and organized in a very magnificent manner which you can see from the images.

As per the ganesh pooja committee members, this Ganesh festival will be held from 31st August to 29 September 2022. The chairman of the committee is Dr. MK Thakur and he said that this year Ganesh mahotsav will be held in very magnificent manner.

All arrangements of entertainment has been done for this 20 day event in this Fair(Mela).This Fair is being organized by the “New Jharkhand Disneyland” This fair has got jhula, break dance ,dragon train, nauka, videshi jhula, Ranger jhula, Tora tora, maut ka Kuan, etc.

Shops in the fair(Mela)

Many shops have been provided and opportunity to open stalls in the Ganesh puja maidan few of them are listed below:

Homepage: https://dhanbadonline.com/

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